Me Too – Kyle Johnson

Mar 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

Me Too - Kyle Johnson

I Do This For People Suffering From Guilt For Situations They Couldn’t Control Because It’s Important To Me I’m Not Sure Exactly What Happened After They Went Away But Somehow They Ended Up Getting More Involved In My Life In A Way That Was An Abuse Of Power Using Their Technology To Try To Give Me & My Household “Lobotomies” Even Extensions Of Me Bringing Up Trauma From My Past Which Hadn’t Been A Issue Again Until This Started To Happen With More Intensity
Eventually A “Reverend” Came By After They Had Been Trying To Grow Our Entire Household Crazy And Asked What Was Wrong I Told Him About The Mistakes I Made As A Child Opened Myself Up To Me Be Vulnerable And At The Time Because I Was Trying To Heal My Trauma So I Could Have A Better Life But In A Sense I Was Forced To Do It Although A Great Man Knows How To Admit When He Is Wrong A Weak Man Would Decide To Make An Excuse I Believe It Cost Me Something That Could Not Be Paid For But Its Okay Because I Didn’t Not Understand How Deep This Had Been Planted In My Subconscious From A Child I Knew Something Was Off But I Was So Depressed At The Way I Let People Make Me Feel Until I Thought About What Caused Me To Feel This Way Their Were A Lot Of Factors But I Realized It Was Letting Myself Believe These People When I Should Of Took More Charge Of Myself I Don’t Approve Of Excuses But I Had To Follow So Many Orders From So Many Different People It Adjusted My Mindset To Be A Mindless Medicine Filled Drone And Be A Slave To Society To Play Into Their Agenda They Wanted Some Dirt On Me To Use Against Me But The Hilarious Part Is When I’m Finished They Will Be Pushing Up Daisies Because Of My Non Lethal Non-Invasive Secret Weapon The Power To Save The World 1 Person At A Time And 10X IT He Had Brought It To The Court’s Attention During My Parents Custody Battle When I Was Doing Something Normal That Most People Do Anyways But People Cursed Me For It After All That It Traumatized The Way I Interacted With The Opposite Sex I’m Not Sure Exactly What Happened But It Looked Like They Tried To Throw Me A Birthday Party Sponsored By The Make A Wish Foundation Which I Had Never Asked For And On Top Of All Of It They Tried To Bring A Woman That Was In A Relationship Who I Care About A Lot Into A Situation That Was Not Right At All In The 1st Place Than Used The Fact About Her Caring For Me To Guilt Her Into Making Me Feel Better For A Day Which I Only Realized After The Fact Than They Raped My Ears For Years After The Fact Of What Went On That Day And Still To This Day Everywhere I Went I Couldn’t Speak I Couldn’t Eat I Couldn’t Feel Happy I Couldn’t Enjoy The Things I Would Normally Do They Also Tried To Use People I Looked Up To Against Me Sabotaging Nearly Every Relationship I Have Had For The Last 8 Years Or So But Also Even Before Than As A Child I Never Got Invited Too Because They Tried To Say It Was All About Me Wanting But Little Did They Know I Planted A Subconscious Bomb Deep In The Ass Of My Enemies As A Child Which Ended Up Somewhat Destroying My Life At The Time Because As I Found This Out It Infuriated Me And Embarrassed Me And I Started To Feel Bad About My Sexuality I Started To Become The Energies That I Had Been Bottling Up Inside Of Myself And It Started To Play Out In Real Life People Calling Me Creepy And Other Names Subtley Honestly At The Time I Really Was Not Paying Much Attention Just Trying To Be A Kid But Over The Years It Started To Actually Bring Me Further Into The Idea That I Guess I Was What These People Were Saying About Me It Sounds Kind Of Stupid To Most People But Its Literally The Real Facts Of What Happened Inside Of My Life Somehow It Spread Around And Distorted Peoples Opinions About Me Which Ended Up Distorting My Opinion About Myself Just Like Many Others And Mass Consciousness Many Other Men Go Through This If You Just Look Around For Long Enough You Will See More Than Just Me Experiencing Something Similar Going On In Their Life That’s Another Reason I Do This Maybe It Will Help Save People From The Feeling Other People Were Giving Me At The Time By Helping Them Understand It Better Which Sent Me Down A Path That Put Me In The Court Systems Because Of The Attitude It Gave Me Because How it Affected Me And I Received It As A Child Which Further Distorted My Thought Processes If Someone Were To Look Back Far Enough They Could See It But This Created A Image Of Me As A Person Who Was A Creeper / Predator And Created Doubt In My Self Image In A Bad Way When In Fact I Was Not It Was What Society Had Taught Me To Become Because As A Child I Had Very Little Ability To Choose For Myself Excluding Many Other Reasons / Factors Im Still Recovering Socially From All That Stuff But My Own Idea That I Might Be A Stalker Predator Has Since Been Removed From My Mind I Know I’m Not And Im 28 Years Old But People Still Talk About It To This Day So I’m Here To Set The Record Straight I Am Not A Predator Or Stalker Even Though I Been Brutally Tried To Have Been Labeled With That Now In A Way I Am A Predator But Not The One You Might Think I Am I’m The Kind To Snatch Your Heart That Did Not Help Me At All Achieve A Happy Healthy Normal Lifestyle I Feel Like I Practically Had To Raise Myself With Very Little Help Because I Did Mom At Work And I Hated My Father And Still Do The Man Is A Huge Creep While Dealing With Trauma I Did Not Even Understand At The Time Because Of My Lack Of Knowledge It Ended Up Creating A Dual Reality For Me Which In A Sense Separated Me From God As A Child And Lead Me Down A Path Of Evil Because Of My Hatred For What Had Been Done To Me I Was Always Good To The People Around Me Until The Distortion Of My Reality Started To Hijack My Good Natured Mindset And Made Me Question My Goodness Just Like Most People Creating Room For Evil To Grow Spiritually, Emotionally In My Life During That Time Under The Following Of Other People’s Advice & Decisions In My Life It Created A Evil Cloud Inside My Life Which I Have Gotten Rid Of Despite People Still Trying To Say That Damaging Me In A Way That Has Been Hard To Heal On My Own But I Am Making Progress Towards The Best Version Of Myself Which Is All I Would Hope To Give The World Despite My Mistakes I Believe I Am A Great Man Because I Always Was In The Eyes Of Source And All Things Holy Even When I Make A Mistake Because I Believe No Baby Is Born Evil Those Are Things That Are Taught Through A Lifetime By Experience And Observation If I Had To Give The World Advice I Would Say We Need To Look To History & God So We Can Learn Not To Make The Same Mistakes We Made In The Past A Lot Of People Might Be Able To Relate To My Trauma In A Lot Of Different Ways Which I Believe Could Help Them Heal Themselves Through God And The God In Me I Believe The 1st Step In Learning How To Heal Practically Is Unknowing The Trauma And Replacing It With Your Truth Which Will Take Time For You To Figure Out For Yourself Which Will Allow Joy Back Into Your Life Their Will Always Be Positive & Negative Stuff In The World We Need It To Understand What We Do And Do Not Want Out Of Life Everyone’s Truth Is Not The Same But You Can Learn From Others Experiences Sometimes Our Goal As The Human Race Is A Biological One Continuing Our Species We Can Only Do That If We Choose To Work Together There Will Always Be Negatives In Life Maybe With A Little Work We Can Have A Better Choice Of Negatives Creating A Space Where As A Human Race We Can Achieve Something That We Can All Take Ownership Of In A Way That We Can All Feel Good About I Met A Girl One Time Who Ended Up Saving My Life By Teaching Me A Invaluable Lesson That I Am Still Learning Today About Self Care I Met Another Woman That Reminded Me Of My Vision And What I Wanted To Accomplish In My Life I Met Another Woman Who Had Brought Me Back To God And Being More Accountable I Met A Woman Who Ran Tingles Up & Down My Spine For Pleasure Every Single Night All Night Long Rest Rest Rest During This Process Of Trying To Heal Things Continued To Come Up About My Past And People Started To Believe I Was Something I Was Not Calling Me Names Behind My Back Such As Creep / Weirdo Or Pedophile And I Actually Started To Believe These People Even Though I Have Never Raped Anyone Ever In My Entire Life And To Be Honest At This Point Or Even To This Day This All Happened To Me As A Youth So A Lot Of Times I Was Still Fairly Impressable As I Was Made To Understand Peoples Opinion About Me I Started To Form The Truth About Myself Over Many Years I Was Not Any Of These Things These Were The Opinions Of Others About Me And To A Extent Their Opinions About Me Actually Pushed Me In That Direction Under Others Guidance Not Just People Around Me But Also Society As A Youth And I Had To Fight People About This Every Step Of The Way While Being Subtly Stabbed In The Back By People Who Would Refused To Believe That I Was The Opposite And A Good Person Not Just A Man It Crippled Me In Such A Way Removing Friends Family & Love From My Life That I Dealt With Great Anxiety And Pressure / Pushback Every Step Of The Way Until I Started To Win In Life Against Those Trespassed Against Me As A Child As I Became A Adult The One Thing That Hurts Me The Most But Reminds Me Of How Close I Am To Jesus Is The Only Reasons I Decided To Go Back Was Because Of God And People I Love Because My Story Was The Opposite Of A Friend And Love Of Mines Who Is Married Now She Was Actually Assaulted And I Thought Maybe Understanding Where I Was Coming From As A Boy To A Man Might Help Them Heal I Knew It Was Going To Hurt Me But I Didn’t Care I Decided To Tell People About How Everyone Was Making Me Feel About What I Had Done Even Though It Was This World Who Taught Me Evil Anyways And Despite Trying To Be Better They Continued To Be More Evil To Me Subtly I’m Not Sure What Exactly Happened But One Thing Lead To Another And I Believed I Missed Out On My Last Chance With The Girl I Love So Much Shes Married Now And I’ll Never Know About What Could Of Been Between Us Because I Can Not Even Get Her To Talk To Me I’ve Got The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders People Are Trying To Remove Me From My Relationships By Talking Bad About Me Playing With My Life Like It’s Some Sort Of Game I Went To Try To Talk To Her One Day Like You See In Those Romantic Movies But I Was So Sad I Knew Even If I Got To See Her Again She Was With My Bestfriend And I Was Not Going To Attempt To Change That I Just Wanted Her To Know I Was Still Thinking About Her And I Loved Her So Much The Court System Has Been Involved Since We Were Children Ruining Our Lives By Saying We Are Not Stable Enough To Make Our Own Decisions Which Would Be Untrue If You Asked Me I Think This All Should Be Between A Man And A Woman I Ended Up Showing Up To Her House After Stealing The Information I Needed From Law Enforcement Because I Did Not Want To Keep Worrying About Her So I Could Go Check On Her And I Have Kept Going Back Because They Keep Watching Me And Stalking Me Harassing’s Me, I Also Am Not Entirely Sure How To Bring This To Trial Because I’m Sure Whatever Is Going On Is Illegal But I Am Working On It So At The Minimum We Can See Justice I Keep Going Back To These Police Stations Because I Keep Seeing Them Watch Me Like The Mindless Drones They Are And Defame Me & Ruin Relationships Of Mine Current + Future And I’m Not Afraid Of Them One Fucking Bit I Am So Disgusted By The Police, Our Country & Institutional Governance That I Don’t Even Want To Call Myself An American Anymore I Went Up There As Usual Because They Use Technology To Interfere With Me Throughout The Day Which Sounds Crazy At 1st But If You Think About It Makes A Lot Of Sense People Are Scared To Admit It Because They Are In Fear Of Repercussions From The Government Who Try’s To Act Like God I Went To The Maryland Heights Police Department One Day And It Looked Like A Scene Where A Woman Had Just Been Raped And They Refused To Tell Me What Went On Clothes Strewn Out Everywhere And No Other Police Departments Would Even Fucking Respond Just Like What Happened When I Was A Kid To Another Friend Of Mine When She Needed Help No One Would Fucking Respond Even Though I Pleaded For Help You Fucking People Should Be Absolutely Fucking Disgusted With Yourselves If You Thought I Was Bad Take A Look In The Fucking Mirror The Woman Saved My Life Because She Reminded Of What I Wanted To Become Not What The World Wanted To Me Become Now They Are Investigating Me Trying To Play Some Game With Me.