AFFILIATE Dynamic Plan

Original price was: $3,816.00.Current price is: $3,624.00.

Ideal for businesses to get started with affiliate marketing with 6 networks, 5 banner creation, creation of 8 text links, 4 mobile banners, 3 flash banner ads, tracking code implementation on shopping cart, fraud click and sale tracking, sending newsletter and recruiting & communicating with 150 publishers every week. No setup fees. Cancel anytime.

We help you to manage your affiliate campaign, track affiliate sales activity transparently, get reports & view performance of your campaign – all in a single place.


The Affiliate Marketing | Dynamic Plan offering includes:

  • -Access to proprietary affiliate marketing dashboard
  • -Account setup on 6 affiliate network
  • -5 banner creation
  • -8 text links creation
  • -4 mobile banner
  • -3 flash banner ad
  • -Welcome message for affiliates
  • -Approved and Declined message for affiliates
  • -Integration of tracking code on shopping cart
  • -Writing email to recruit publishers
  • -Writing, designing and sending out newsletter to publishers
  • -Creating and uploading data feed on network account
  • -Creating and uploading widgets
  • -Uploading videos to network account
  • -Pay per call campaign
  • -Google Analytics tracking for affiliate traffic
  • -Coupon code consultation
  • -Monitoring fraud clicks and sales
  • -Recruiting and communicating with 150 publishers every week
  • -Weekly and monthly performance reports
  • -Email support with professional support team
  • -Phone support with professional support team