PPC Ultimate Plan

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Ideal for campaigns with very high monthly ad spend budget (up to $40000/mo). Includes Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Search Network, Google Extensions, click fraud monitoring, geographic report analysis and advanced conversion tracking.

We make it possible for businesses to compete online by placing their websites higher in search results of Google. Why is it important to rank higher in Google? Well, more than 90% of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision. We help your client’s websites rank higher, beat their competition, and drive more sales.

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The PPC | Ultimate Plan offering includes:

  • -Advertising via Google Ads
  • -Advertising in Google Search Network
  • -Advanced conversion tracking
  • -Google Extensions set up
  • -Click fraud monitoring
  • -Geographic report analysis
  • -Weekly PPC reports
  • -Monthly PPC performance reports
  • -Scheduled Call support with Google & Bing Ads accredited professionals


  • Site assessment and intake:We audit your client’s website, online presence of their business and gather information about their target audience and goals.
  • Keyword research and ad groups:We will do comprehensive keyword research, ad group creation and bid management for your campaign. In addition, we can prioritize keywords based on your inputs.
  • Creating compelling ads:Based on keyword research, our team of PPC Advertising strategists will create relevant ads targeting the keywords that are present in the tightly theme ad groups. Ads can be customized to showcase business locations, contact information, service price list, and more
  • Automated reports: Weekly and Monthly PPC performance reports are sent out automatically to keep you informed about the results we’ve achieved.